Dubshed Aftermovie & Store


Dubshed Aftermovie

It’s been a long time coming with Dubshed’s 10th anniversary show held back in April, so here it is!

RDC Store

While we’ve been editing the Dubshed Aftermovie, we’ve also been working on a store to allow people to support the brand and to help it grow to bring more automotive content not just from different parts of Northern Ireland but worldwide as well.

Majority of photographers and videographers at events voluntarily do what they enjoy capturing events and sharing it for you to use on social media and keep as memories. We want to support creatives giving up hours of their time to take, edit and post the photos and aftermovies.

We’re initially introducing three products which is our Classic Crewneck Jumper, RDC White Logo Sticker and pre-orders on our Classic T-shirt.

If you fancy looking at or want to buy something click on shop in the navigation or click here.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to message us on social media or email on [email protected]

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