Eoin Henry Foundation – End of Summer Show 2019


Eoin Henry Foundation

Eoin Henry, a 20 year old, had a passion for cars like many people. He went to shows and meets with his Golf and Civic. He had plans for his Golf but unfortunately he never got to live them out when he unfortunately lost his battle with cancer on the 14th May 2017.

You may have guessed already but the Eoin Henry Foundation was set up his memory to give to others and help them in his memory suffering with the terrible disease and also people in all walks of life. His family have continued his legacy building the car Eoin would have wanted to have.

Eoin’s own Golf sat at the centre of the show with the car being fully modified inside and out. From what we could find out about the car the interior was completed by Top Secret Evolution with a full boot build as well as custom Recaro seats. The air suspension was fitted by Blackline Performance along with adjustable rear camber arms making it easier to tuck the back wheels and the front chassis leg being notched allowing it to sit low and level.

The most recent modification to the car was the engine cover which is an air brushed photo of Eoin by Crazy Custom Paint and Phil Smith. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great way to honour Eoin.

Eoin’s other pride and joy, his EP3 Civic, made an appearance at the show with it being one of the rare times it’s seen in the daylight.

What I didn’t expect to make an appearance was a Datsun 240z, Datsun 180B and a Datsun 120A.

Also known as the Nissan S30 and Nissan Fairlady Z, the 240z was the first generation of Z GT coupes produced by Nissan of Japan from 1969 to 1978. The condition of this example wasn’t too bad considering its age though had a few signs of rust. The 240z is a Japanese classic now with restored cars on the market for up to £45,000.

Another surprise in the Datsun line up was a 610 Series Datsun, the Datsun 180B SSS hardtop, being manufactured in 1973 but first registered in June 1975 leaving a mystery gap of two years.

When the 610 series was first launched in Japan in August 1971 it was badged as the Datsun Bluebird-U with the U suffix standing for “User Oriented”.

The final Datsun in the lineup was the first generation of the Nissan Cherry E10, the Datsun 120A Cherry coupe. Being Datsun, they liked to confuse people about model names so this was also known as the Cherry and Datsun 1000.

The Cherry was introduced in Japan at a specially established dealership sales channel called Nissan Cherry Shop.

Eoin Henry Foundation is growing every year with this being the first year of having a show during the day with a good turnout. With the money going to a good cause it’s hard to not show support to help other people with your passion.

Photos & Words: Ross McCully
Show: Eoin Henry Foundation – End of Summer Show
Location: Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

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